Contest Rules

The period of contest will be from 01 July 2015 to 2016 Clubs are classified into three categories

A category

Clubs with 40 members and above

B category

Clubs with 20 to 39 members

C category

Clubs with less than 20 members


1.Quarterly membership and Activity Report (QMAR) Lioness District

Forward the quarterly reports to the Lioness District Secretary with a copy of each to Region Chairperson and Zone Chairperson duly signed by the President or Secretary to be received by on or before 10th October 2015, 10th January 2016, 10th April 2016 and 31st may 2016. 100×4=400


Prepare the budget for the year 2015-2016 report the same on or before 10th October 2015 100

3. Installation of office bearers

Install office bearers on or before July 2015. 100

4. District Dues

a. Remit the annual district dues at the rate of Rs.200/-per membership list of 01-07-2015 by DD (only) drawn in favour of lioness District 318B, payable at Catholic Syrian Branch Kaduthuruthy, on or before 10th September 2015. 300

5. General Body and Director Board Meeting

For holding one General Body Meeting per month( 50×11=550) alone or with lions and one Director Board Meeting in a Quarter (50×4=200) and reporting the attendance percentage of the same in the
QMAR * 750

6. PST Seminar

For the physical participation of President, Secretary, Treasure (100×3=300) at the PST seminar organized by the District and reporting it in the QMAR. Attach the copy of receipt. 100×3=300

7. Lioness night

Conduct Lioness Night before 30th May 2016. All the lionesses must participate in the cultural programmes. Honour the best lioness of the year in your club. 300

8. Observation of events (organise any six)

1. Independence Day- August 15. Attend flag Hoisting ceremony. 100

2. Onam- Organise onasadhya, thiruvathira/onapattu in the meeting. 100

3. Gandhi Jayanthi-October 2. Environmental cleaning/Plant trees on sides of public places. 100

4. Childrens day-Nov14.Visit an Orphanage or Anganvadi and host a meal or distribute needy items to them OR Diabetic Day – organise an awareness class about prevention and treatment of Diabetes. 100

5. Christmas/New year-Organise X’mass carol/variety programmes 100

6. Republic day-Organise quiz competition related to patriotism 100

7. Women’s day-March 8th.Organise an innovative program. Related to women empowerment 100

8. Mothers day –Join with lions and leos and honour all the mothers in your club 100

9. News letter/Bulletin

Publication of News letter and Bulletin covering all the activities of Lioness Club before 31st march 2016. 200

10. Nomination/Election of office Bearers for 2016-2017 100

For nominating /electing the office bearers of the club for 2016-2017 and reporting it to the Lioness District President, Secretary on or before April 2016.

11. District Directory

Forward the list of members and photographs of the PST’S for the year 2016-2017 to the Lioness District President or Secretary before 15th April 2016. 100

12. Fund raising programme

The club which collect Rs. 500 per member will be awarded 300 points Rs 250 per member will be awarded 200 points (Any Fund raising programme in the club or organised by the club will be given extra 100 points) 300+100=400

13. Major project

This is the time you start to ‘Think Think Think, Think Out Loud!’ What is happening to our women? Is Women Empowerment going the right way or not?

1. In ancient times women symbolised care, sacrifice and love. Now we are living in an advanced

world where women are being adversely influenced by visual media, internet, facebook and cell phone. 500

a. Seminar on the increasing criminal behaviour among women and the influence of social medias in them (For parents, women in your locality like kudumbasree, janasree etc.)

2. The Dark Phases of Facebook 500

b. ‘Knowledge is Power’ – A basic computer training programme and seminar on ‘Facebook Likes

and Betrayal’. [For lionesses, women and youth (in Govt. Higher Secondary School preferred) of your


14. Minor Projects. (Organise any three) 100×3=300

1. Kitchen garden to promote organic gardening and distribute seeds.

2. Seminar on basic cardiac life support and first aid in your club and high school students.

3. Visit mentally challenged children. Motivate them and their teachers.

4. Haemoglobin detection camp for teenage girls (Govt. Higher Sec. School preferred.)

5. Blood Group detection camp for the people in our neighbourhood.

6. Love Bucket Challenge (collect basic day to day items during meetings to give to needy families,

old age homes, orphanages etc.)

15. Lioness District Project

1. Seminar on increasing criminal behaviour among women and influence of social medias in them.

2. Seminar on ‘Challenges and possibilities of modern womanhood’. (ആധുനിക സ്ത്രീത്വത്തിന്റെ

സാധ്യതകളും വെല്ലുവിളികളും)

Participation of PST’s 100x 3=300

Bonus Points for maximum participation 50×4=200

16. Review and Recharge seminar

Participation of PST’s 100×3=300

Bonus Points for maximum participation 50×4=200

17. Meeting and Conferences

Physical participation of minimum 10% of lioness in the Cabinet Installation, District Convention,

Zone Conference. 100×3=300

18. District Lioness Meet

a. Participation of PST’s in the Lioness Meet 100×3=300

b. Participation of other members (50 points each) Max 250

c. Presenting cultural programmes (Group items only) 300

d. Participation of at least one Lion in the Lioness Meet 100

19. For Additional Projects/ Ongoing Projects by the club (including financial assistance to the

District Eye Hospital, Paika) 100×3=300

Continue serving the Govt. School your club had adopted for last year’s major project

(For all projects evidences are necessary)