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president msg
Dear Lionesses,

I’m delighted to know that the lionesses of our district 318 B have started their own website. This will help them to interact more among themselves for bringing about effective service for the society. I congratulate Lns. Jasmin Shibu and her team for their hard work that has bore fruit today. I wish them success in all the ventures they take up in the future. Without their support lions club could not have become this prosperous among people.
With best wishes, lionistic greetings and regards.

Ln. MJF Binu George

District Governor

president msg
Dear Lns Jasmine,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on being elected as the District Board President for the year 2015-16. All of us are looking forward to yet another glorious period under your leadership and wise guidance.
In this high tech era,having our own site in the Internet media is rather novel idea and I hope that il would be much effective and useful for all of us.I wish every success in your future endeavors and shall render my sincere support to you.

Ln.Dr.Alice Jose,

Past Dist president

president msg
Greetings to all Lioness members of Lioness District 318 B ,

I am ecstatic to know that the PSTs of Lioness District 318- B 2015-16 has decided to launch a

website exclusively for this District. This website would open up a new window for all Lionesses of this

District who would be able to view and appreciate the activities and service projects under it. It is indeed

a highly commendable effort on the part of Lioness District president Elect Lns. Jasmine Shibu and her

team for taking the initiative. May things go from strength to strength henceforth. God bless you

Sincerely yours,

Lioness District president

Lns. Bindu C

president msg
Dear Lionesses,

I am happy to learn that Lioness District 318- B is starting a website to

highlight the activities of the Lioness clubs. My heartiest congratulations

to Lns. Jasmin Shibu and her team for their good work. I hope and pray

that our district will come a long way in the future and pray to God for

gifting us all with the colours of joy, friendship and love. I am sure that

the leadership of 2015-2016 under Lns. Jasmin Shibu will perform well

and will carry the image of the moment to greater heights.

With best wishes, lionistic greetings and regards.

Lns. Shinny Winny Phlip

District Vice President


president msg
Dear Lionesses,

Hearty congratulations to Lioness District President Lns Jasmin Shibu and her team of office bearers for their innovative and impressive attempt to start a website for L ioness District at the very commencement of the Lionistic year.In fact it is a manifestation of their great vision, enthusiasm and contemporary quotient. I hope and pray that this new venture may enhance social awareness and better understanding among the Lionesses of our District.

Lns. Dr Ancy George

(past lioness district president)